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Dr. Benny Morris is a noted self-help author, life performance trainer, platform speaker, and encouragement coach. His rise from adversity and his vast knowledge of human behavior and spiritual completeness qualifies him as a leading authority on personal development breakthroughs. He’s the author of the groundbreaking book – The Valeo Method and the Founder of The Valeo Method Coaching Academy. His warmth, sincerity and dynamic presentation style at his Live Victoriously Weekend Seminars leaves audiences invigorated, encouraged and wanting more.

Benny Morris’s journey into learning and seeking personal growth, empowerment and spiritual awareness was ignited when he was getting ready for high school as a shy and introverted kid. He was worried about how to interact with the other kids and he wanted to be well liked. His father gave him the book titled “How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie. After reading the book the summer before the ninth grade something happened to Benny. He realized the power to be better and overcome fears was inside  every single one of us.

In the ninth grade he was voted “Best Personality"  Vice-President of his class and to the Student Council. This  experience created and insatiable desire within him to read other self-help books and biographies of successful people in history. Benny was not only able to model many of the beliefs and strategies of the others he studied; he soon learned his discoveries were helpful to others as well.

Benny has spent his life seeking, learning and sharing  ideas, concepts and strategies to grow personally and to empower others. With a life full of successful achievements Benny also has had with his successful peaks some deep dark valleys. He discovered that just money recognition and material things couldn’t make you happy if you did not have inner peace. With his breakthrough system the Valeo Method he proves how we can have it all, success in all areas of life and inner peace and a spiritual connection too.



Benny Morris has spent over two decades teaching, training and encouraging others to realize their potential and how to discover what he calls the “Dream of the Soul.” Benny believes there is no limit to what a person can achieve if they develop a few simple skills. He developed the Valeo Method by his own personal experiences and after years of research in the fields of personal development, human potential, psychology, metaphysics, quantum physics and the power of the spoken word in reference to the bible scriptures. Benny has worked with and studied many of the most successful leaders and success coaches in the world and he has used the combination of what he has learned to create a powerful new way to make a huge difference in many lives. The power behind the Valeo Method is the synergistic effect it has from the order and combination of the five steps. The Valeo Method goes beyond traditional motivational programs. The strategies taught provide a person with a broad base of skills which can be learned and taught to others. Participants learn what it takes to get on track with their life and how to stay on track no matter what challenges life offers.

A person who follows the steps of the Valeo Method learns to gain advantage in all areas of their life. They learn to recognize why things have happened and how to avoid repeating mistakes. This is accomplished by understanding how the spirit, soul and emotions interact. Most people will admit they have let the emotions control their life. But do they know why and how?

There is a challenge with most motivation programs and strategies even though they can teach you how to model successful people and duplicate grand results. They can even teach you how to get you excited for a while. Then what happens when life starts throwing out curves? That is exactly what happened to Benny. He kept asking the questions like, “How can I stay motivated, stop getting distracted and discouraged?” Why so I have great success‘s in some areas of my life while other parts are falling apart? Is it even possible to have it all? Is anybody totally happy in all areas of their lives or does it just look that way? What good is achieving great things and conquering big goals if you aren’t satisfied and happy when you get there? What if you still feel empty like something is missing? Seeking these answers is what caused the Valeo Method to be born. That is exactly the difference in the Valeo Method, you learn how to achieve all those grand and outrageous things you desire but also you learn how to be happy on the inside. You will learn the “inside secrets to outside success”. You also learn to lock in your success by paying it forward. “ This is accomplished by building and surrounding yourself with your own “Circle of Winners.”

Benny says, My goals are huge, to reach a massive amount of people with the Valeo Method. I will not be able to do this by myself, but I will get it done by building a team of highly committed and passionate success coaches, trainers and facilitators. People who have used the Valeo Method to take control of their own lives and are ready to advance their momentum toward a powerful, influential life by helping others do the same. Because it is true, Together –Everyone-Achieves-More . TEAM is real and no one should miss out on a life without the experience of “TEAM” in all areas of life. You are chosen for greatness! Are you ready to be the person you were meant to be by living the “Dream of your Soul?”







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