Audio/Visual Requirements

Audio and Visual Requirements of Dr. Benny Morris

Audio and/or videotaping is available with PRIOR WRITTEN AUTHORIZATION. If you're interested in taping Dr. Morris presentation please let our office know in advance and request our audio/video recording agreement.

Room Setup

Theater or classroom seating is preferable in chevron style seating. We understand that when planned on or around a meal, this is not possible.

  • >A riser is requested if there are more than 100 attendees.
  • >When the room is rectangular, please have your stage positioned in the center of the long wall. This assists greatly in creating intimacy between your audience and anyone who is on stage.-For the benefit of your audience, and Dr. Morris, please request from the hotel or auditorium management that the meeting room have no distracting noise from an adjoining room, such as a singing group, rock bank, etc. during the time Dr. Morris is presenting his keynote or seminar.
  • >Coffee and tea is a great service to your attendees. However, please do not have coffee service available inside the room. It can distract your participants too easily.
  • >It is difficult to build intimacy and rapport if your audience is still eating. Please instruct the banquet staff to clean up AFTER the speaker's presentation.
  • >When a photographer is present, please ask them to refrain from taking photos the first 15 minutes of the program. This can be distracting to the speaker and audience.
  • >Please make sure the room is well lit especially the staging area. People remember more and laugh more in bright rooms. Dr. Morris prefers to see the faces of the audience. This allows him to see how they are responding to his presentation.


Scheduling Considerations

  • >It is not a good idea to have your main speaker the last day of a conference when your participants have been up late the night before.
  • >An extended cocktail party is not a good start for your audience, or your speaker. To get the most from your investment of Dr. Morris presentation, consider changing the schedule to maximize his message and the response from the audience.
  • >Please do not have awards or lengthy announcements immediately following Dr. Morris’s presentation. This tends to diffuse the energy and message Dr. Morris has just left with your group. Consider having these announcements first, or taking a break following his presentation, especially if you have had him speaking for more than one hour. This break will also give him the opportunity to autograph books.


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