Are you noticing there is a lot of fat people out there these days? I used to be one of them, it was awful!

Then I had one of those, “I ain’t gonna live this way any more days!” Do you know what I mean? When I was on the way to the gym this morning I saw a middle age man jogging along. He looked so pitiful because he was at least 50 pounds overweight, sweating profusely and obviously hating ever step that he struggled to take. God bless the poor...


Could the “Valeo Method” really be that good at eliciting positive permanant change?

If we were to ask the average person the following questions we would see a commonality in our western world thinking. Would you like to double your income in the next year? Would you like to get in better shape or lose some weight within the next year? How about having more free time to be with those you love or to help others? Here is another question that...


The Self-Help industry is in a rut…is this why?

Self-help industry is in a rut. Why? Because so much of it is the same stuff rehashed over and over to make you feel good for a little while but offers few long term solutions. There is an army of counseling psychologist, self help gurus, and preachers and teachers who are eager to tell you how to live. There are so many life coaches they are literally popping...


Does Fortune Favor the Bold?

We must conceive the things we want do, be, create, experience and conquer in our lives. Then we make plans for bold action which is the first step in releasing our unlimited potential. Fortune does favor the bold. Let us go boldly where no man or woman has gone before!! Oops I got carried away. I am a Stat Trek fan. Kidding aside, I am going to start posting...


Our New Site is coming together!

Thank you for your patience with our construction as we put the finishing touches on our new and exciting website. Our goal is to provide a never-ending resource for encouragement, new ideas and hope for those looking to go to a new level in their lives. It is very exciting times as we prepare for  the pre-release of my new book "The Valeo...


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