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Having a powerful and informative motivational speaker can make all the difference in the world to your company, group or organization. Good leaders and managers know that their “troops” get tired of just listening to them all the time no matter how good and effective they are at their job. That is why the top companies owners, managers and leaders are always seeking to ignite,  inspire and encourage their people with outside professional and proven influence.

The challenge of finding a motivational speaker and inspirational speaker is they are not all the same.

Just because a person looks good on their site and even has a nice promo video is no guarantee they will deliver the one-two punch you need at you meeting or event. Some just look great but lack the skills on the platform. People want to be entertained, they want to laugh, they want to learn and they want to be challenged.

That is what the right motivational speaker should do.

So what do you do to make sure you get the right person?
• First look at their website and request a one-sheet (a one sheet summary of their bio and the focus of their presentations).
• Get referrals; ask them for at least three referrals from recent bookings.
• Define if they are an expert. Have they written a book and do they do seminars and webinars to teach people their craft or do they just do keynote speaking? The more personal interaction with clients beyond their speaking, usually the better.
• Are they anxious to talk with you about your company and the attendees of the event and look at your agenda and the specific outcome you are requiring? This is a essential point.
• Are they an author and or expert in the field of motivation? How long have they been at it?
The right motivational speaker and keynote speaker can make or break your event. A little careful planning and asking the right questions can make all the difference. Please check out the information on our site, about booking me Dr. Benny Morris, author of the 480 page book and breakthrough motivational system for lasting positive change called “The Valeo Method.”
I will entertain and ignite the hearts of your audience, help them restore their individual epic purpose and encourage them to take all areas of their lives to a new level. You will not find a Motivational Speaker on the planet more committed to inspire and encourage as a motivational speaker than, “Dr. Encourage” himself!

Benny Morris is a  motivational speaker who is ready to be your motivational speaker at your next event .

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