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Does a motivational speaker expert really make that much difference at you meeting, event or conference? The answer is yes and no. There is so much difference from one motivational speaker to the other; there can be smorgasbord of options and also a diverse type of presentations. What this means is a broad range of potential results and responses from your attendees/audience. It is important to give them an experience they will never forget in a positive way, don’t you think?

Motivational Speaker

Most meeting planners don’t have the time to look through the onslaught of proposals they will receive if they dare post “Call out for Motivational Speaker” or Call out for Inspirational Speaker” on the internet.

There is no magic bullet formula, but there are some key things that are important to consider. One is how much of an expert is the person you are bring in? Do they have a book? What are they credentials? What is their niche market? Just being a motivational speaker in general is not what audiences respond the best to these days. It is very helpful if the motivational speaker is an expert in the area of your needs.

As a motivational speaker,

inspirational speaker and keynote speaker I have spoken to a very diverse types of audience. My audiences range from high level leadership type presentations designed to challenge managers and motivate sales teams, to working with college students seeking to find their purpose before leaving school. I have worked with Christian’s men’s groups looking for spiritual inspiration to government organizations seeking to maintain morale after pay freezes.

The reason I have been able to work with such diverse groups as a motivational speaker is because of one simple fact: I do my homework. Before my presentation, whether it is for a one hour key note or a weekend workshop, I and my staff spend hours in research and preparation. We interview people involved at different levels in the company and organizations to find out the needs, goals and agenda of the organization or company. Then we can customize the message and training to fit our unique program formula and we always get amazing results.

We seek to not just have people inspired and ignite their hearts, although that is important. I am a motivational speaker who is committed to giving people fresh ideas and perspective through stories and examples that they will never forget and that they can take home with them and use immediately.

Motivational Speaker

My breakthrough self-discovery book “The Valeo Method” is based on a five step process for creating positive and lasting change. The word “Valeo” is a Latin word it means to have power, to have influence and to prevail. That is not power over others but power over ourselves to get ourselves to put it on the line and do what is necessary to succeed in all areas. The Five step process teaches us skills to become acutely sensitive to the toxic thoughts, the limiting beliefs and the emotional baggage that is holding us back, causing us to sabotage ourselves, stay stuck where we don’t want to be and lose hope for a future we deserve.

I am a motivational speaker who walks his talk and has the documentation of changed lives to prove it. Checkout my website at to find out how we can explore the possibilities of making your next event the best ever. Bring in a motivational speaker that will ignite the hearts of your audience and love you for opening up their minds to a part of themselves that has been asleep. Call now 1-888-996-3902 for your motivational speaker.


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