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What is the Ultimate Success Factor and what can it do for me?


I have a question for you.

Are you stuck? Stuck in your finances or career? Are you stuck in a place in your physical body where you want to make change?But for some reason you can’t get yourself to do what is necessary to put yourself on the line to lose weight and get in shape.
Be honest, if you could go back 5 or even 10 years ago and look forward to today, are on track with where you thought you would be? 
If the answer is no don’t beat yourself up! There a lot of people in the same situation.

What if there was a way

you could immediately stop that trend in your life, so that the next 5 or 10 years won’t be the same? Would you be open to listening for couple of minutes?

My name is Dr. Benny Morris and I am here to help you today. I have developed a process based on my ground breaking new book, “The Valeo MethodTM” to help people identify consciously and unconsciously the reasons why they aren’t able to reach their goals.


I finally broke the code

. The challenge I had for years is that I would get ahead in an area of my life, and then I would sabotage myself or I just couldn’t keep it going and I would fell short of where I desired to be. I devoted my life to finding a way to get control of my limiting thoughts beliefs, emotions and to learn how to duplicate the success of others in any area of my life that I chose.

Okay, I know what you are thinking

. This sounds like another one of those self-help, personal empowerment programs with a bunch of positive thinking and affirmations. I can understand because I certainly have been through programs that seem redundant and although those programs aren’t going to hurt anyone they usually get you little long term results.

Why is it any different to build a life than to become an expert in any field of endeavor? Isn’t it a fact that it takes skills and knowledge or otherwise it is like driving fast in a dense fog it can be unpredictable and disappointing.

Are you tired of it?

Not knowing what to do to take charge of my life and realize my dreams,  I went on a passionate mission and spent over two decades studying and working with the worlds best Authors, Success Coaches, Spiritual Authorities and self-help industry leaders I could find. I invested tens of thousands of dollars and read thousands of books, poured non-stop through audio and video programs and I can’t even tell you how many live seminars.

And guess what, piece by piece the puzzle started to come together until I found something amazing. It has changed my life and I am sharing it with others, like you now and not only that, I am excited to say it is working so well that if you are so inclined you can learn to teach others also. My private coaching may be too big an investment for you at this time. That is why I created the audio program presented here.  

Here is the story……..

The program is called “The Ultimate Success Factor” Five Steps to Total Control of All Areas of Your Life! I am serious, and you can learn it so fast it will make your head swim. 

What if I could show you the one factor that is causing all your in completions in your life, all your thoughts and limiting beliefs and killing your motivation? What would that be worth? Is there a price? Is it worth a thousand dollars or more?

Here is the basis of what you will learn….

  • Discover exactly what is keeping you stuck and how to stop sabotaging yourself and repeating mistakes once and for all. 
  •   Learn to immediately Release yourself from the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that keep you  stuck.  
  • Awaken your passion and energy by Embracing and connecting with your innermost power.  
  • Activate and align with the people situations and energies instantly that are ready to help you succeed and access your true source of strength and power.  
  • Learn two secrets that will allow you to Manifest ongoing success in all areas of your life. Mind, Emotions, Physically, Financially and Spiritually.
  • Learn the three secrets to life that will change your entire perception of who you are, why you exist and how to ignite your inner sense of significance.

Here’s what I have for you.

I believe so much that the ultimate success factor based on The Valeo MethodTM will help you I am doing something that I have never done before, that I am willing to offer the Valeo Method Audio program at a discounted price for a limited time only.

I am doing this brief promotion and special promotion prior to the official release of my new book “ The Valeo Method” to get a core group of folks using the program prior in November 2010. 

The Normal price of my weekend event that features the strategies I you are getting here is $1,295 plus the cost of travel and hotel. In this package you get the best of that weekend recorded in a studio for you at cost of not the regular price of $397.00 but a special limited time introduction price of only $197 for the complete 10 CD package or only $147 for the digital download version.

Here’s the deal,

you get all 7.5 hours of the best of The Valeo Method, plus you get the Bonus, “Rethinking My Life” Audio and a $100 discount off any future live event for you and a friend.

What’s more, I will give you a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. If you are not totally happy you get an instant refund.

Take action now while this limited offer is available and get on your way to lasting, positive change in all areas of your life. Go to the safe and secure order box below and get your instant access to your copy now. Get ready for transformation.

What people say about what they learned from Dr. Benny Morris events…


Fantastic! I have a psychology degree and this seminar taught me more information to use and apply than my 4 year degree.

Nancy K.                               CEO (of my life)

This was such powerful event! I drove 14 hours from Washington DC to get to Tampa Florida to get there… and it was worth every mile. I recently learned of Dr. Morris’s book, “The Valeo Method” and would have driven an additional 14 hours to get there. Can’t put a price on the message conveyed, should cost 10 times more.

Nathan L                                 IT Manager

Beautiful, Amazing, I loved it! Necessary! 

Suzy B.                                   LMT, Reiki Master

A must attend!  No matter how many books you’ve read, seminars you’ve attended-or level of success you’ve reached this experience will be a final breakthrough.

Mike A.                                   Entrepreneur

This event is transformational for anyone who is willing and ready to change.

B. Hedges Jr.                         College student

This event was beyond my expectation. It is very relevant, profound, spiritual, exciting and a positive presentation to break through the chain of negativism and moving forward with positive thoughts and actions.

Domenica                              Retired Speech Pathologist

I loved everything about it. Benny is a great and inspirational story teller and motivator. The information that is contained in this workshop is truly life changing!

Chris K.                                  Founding Partner Numis Network

Truly awe inspiring and empowering! The best motivational seminar and program I have ever attended. Dr. Morris’s training is profound and heartfelt.

Michael S.                             Attorney

Dr. Benny is the real deal! Great real life inspiring stories!  He will be on Oprah soon!

Stuart  M.                           Real Estate Broker

The energy that Dr. Morris brings to this event is the best part. The personal stories and the message of giving was enlightening. No one should miss this event! It will make you look at yourself differently and enable you to make changes necessary to be successful in all areas of your life.

Shirley L.                               Restaurant Owner

This event was very eye opening. It made me aware of personal issues that I need to deal with. It showed me how to change my attitude, raise my energy level and make my goals more attainable.

Everett  M.                                 Civil Engineer


This event was one of the best of my life! Very Powerful!  I loved Dr. Morris’s compassion and realism.

Cindy N.                                      Banker                             



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