Confidence BuilderPlease Read This Before You Hire a Life Coach! Being coached and mentored by a qualified and proven life coach can make a huge difference in the quality and direction in all our lives. There are two ways to learn from the “The School of Hard Knocks” in other words, life’s experiences and challenges, which can certainly teach us a lot, or another way that is quicker faster and better. You can model successful people. That is where a good life coach can pay off big in overcoming obstacles and compressing time in the pursuit of your dreams. No matter who we are and how much we have achieved, we all can benefit from life coaching. Life coaching provides us with a source of new ideas; empowerment and encouragement which helps us get unstuck or find our potential and purpose. Let’s be honest it‘s a challenge to get it together in all areas of life. It is such a challenge most people never do it. There are five areas of life we seek prosperity. There is mental prosperity, which is peace of mind, confidence and courage. Emotional prosperity which is being in control of our emotional states and not letting fear based emotions dominate. Then there is physical prosperity, which means staying Dr. Benny Morris is a thought provoking and energizing professional speaker. He has spoken to audiences around the world on subjects ranging from personal encouragement, leadership, sales training, and strategies for creating lasting change, personal effectiveness, communication skills, and conquering challenges while thriving in difficult times. His keynote speeches are enlightening, invigorating and leave people wanting more. He usually gets a standing ovation. Organizations seeking an empowering conference or keynote speaker or customized in-house seminars are never disappointed. With his new book being released soon Benny's schedule will fill up quickly. If your company is seeking a high quality and entertaining professional speaker who will provide immediate effective strategies to improve performance, instill confidence and inspire new levels of performance and productivity, Dr. Benny Morris will deliver every single time. Here are some of  Benny's topics and programs: "The Valeo Method" Five Steps to Life-long Lasting Change Dream of the Soul: It is Time to Claim Your Inheritance! Victory Over Problems: From "Just Surviving to Thriving During Challenging Times" The Gifts of Adversity: "The Seven Keys To Conquering Adversity" Get Right or Get Left: "Bring Me Another Mountain!" All Excuses Are Equal: "Have You Seen Any Giants Lately?" For a complete list of programs, or to Speak with Benny personally and about a customized presentation or training for your company or event please contact us at

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