Become A Certified Valeo Method Practitioner

Make a decision – Make a difference – Make a living helping others!

If you've ever felt called to teach help and encourage others to better in their lives and release themselves from their doubts fears worries and live their dreams, then this is your opportunity!

Dr. Benny Morris is now offering a dynamic new opportunity for anyone who has a deep desire to teach others the life changing skills of the Valeo Method. If you are a person who wants to help others radically improve their lives; and you are a person who is willing to invest the time, energy and a little capital required you can learn how to create a thriving speaking/coaching business.

·         Do you enjoy helping, encouraging and lifting up others?

·         Are you teachable, coachable and willing to follow a proven plan of action?

·         Do you recognize the need for Life Coaching and skill training to achieve worthy goals?

·         Are you willing to “Lead from the front” by mastering new skills of change?

"True vision is seeing with your heart not your eyes!”

Certified Valeo Method Practitioners are individuals who are committed and passionate about helping others.  They understand the best way to realize their dreams are to help others realize their dreams. They live their lives to make a difference in the lives of others and by sharing with them the solutions to create a lifestyle of fulfillment and abundance. If the thought of helping others to find purpose in life and achieve their dreams is exciting to you but you simply haven't known “how” to do it, then you are reading these words today for a reason. The Valeo Method Workshop and Certification Program is your opportunity to live your purpose and experience the dream of your soul. You will experience waking up every day and feeling the joy of helping, contributing to the improved quality of life and passion of others and the reward can not only be financial but more importantly a knowing that you are giving back and we know what we put out comes back.

How do I know if this program is for me?

It may not be, but it doesn’t cost anything to get some more information and see where it takes you. Even if you are not interested in becoming an Encouragement Coach as a profession, the skills you will learn here can change your life and those closest to forever.

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