The Valeo Method™ Weight Loss Solution

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Your Mind, Your Body, Your Life



  • Are you sick of dieting?
  • Are you tired of feeling tired all the time?
  • Tired of your clothes fitting tight lately?
  • Do you feel your weight is out of control?
  • Don’t like the way you look in the mirror or when a photo taken?


The Valeo Method™ Weight Loss

Solution is your answer!

If you are reading these words my guess is you are like me and you have tried every kind of diet and weight loss gimmick you have come across at some point in your life. Plus you probably have had results, but wound up putting the weight right back on (and more). You may even have conceded to the fact that you will never be at your high school weight again, in fact it is about as likely as sprouting wings and flying. But some people do it, why can't you?


  Don't feel bad there are many folks in the same boat you are in and I was for years. I seemed to be always on a diet or in between diets or looking for a diet. No matter how hard I tried I was steady inching up in weight and buying bigger clothes. I used to try to convince myself, oh well, I carry my weight well. I don't really look as heavy as the scales say I am. I have big bones. Then when one day I looked at myself in the mirror and went, "What the heck happened to me? I am fat as a hog!" I had put on 80 pounds over a 20 year span.


I worked out, and had a personal trainer, didn't use salt, avoided deserts (most of the time) okay, I admit I loved ice cream before bed, but is was "no sugar added." Can you relate to any of this?


I am sharing this with you because I finally found the answer! I lost the 80 pounds and have keep it off for years now and I am at my ideal weight and maintain a body fat % of 10 year round, (okay, caught me again) I admit around the Christmas holidays I usually add about 5 to 8 pounds, but with the first 2 weeks of the new year right back in check.


My name is Benny Morris and I have developed a technology that is totally life changing. It is called "The Valeo Method™," I also have a new 480 page book out by the same name. The process I teach is based on finding and living your purpose the dream of your soul. I am not medical doctor; my field of study is spiritual psychology and spiritual sciences. I teach folks how to deal with the non- physical causes of obesity. I do this by teaching them how to find and live their purpose in life "the dream of their soul."

I also teach them to understand a new language, the language of the soul.


Over 95% of the people who go on a diet wind up putting all their weight back on and more. We have an epidemic of obesity in our country with no sign of relief.


The weight loss companies offer solutions that will take off the weight, yet if we do not address the core reasons for weight-loss, you can have the will power and discipline of a navy seal and you will never keep the weight off.


Aren't you ready for a permanent solution? If you work with me I will show you how to address the root not the fruit of your weight loss challenges. Once you understand why you are obese you can learn specific skills and disciplines to lose the weight keep it off, and take charge of your life.


Most people are walking around with a low grade ache in their souls and they don't know why they just don't feel good about themselves. We use food to anesthetize ourselves and it works. Only one challenge it is only temporary and then we have to eat again, and again, and, oh well you get it.


So how do we fix it? Work harder on you than you do on your diet! When you fix you, then any healthy well planned diet will work great for you.


Bottom line: Diets work, period. You can diet and lose weight. Here is the rub, if you lose the weight and you don't condition your other than conscious mind that is okay for you to be thinner, you will never, ever keep the weight off long term! I only say that because I have personally been there and worked with large numbers of people one on one, in group sessions, and on webinars and I understand the dilemma and how to overcome it. We are all wired with the same emotional system, we all have a soul and a spirit. If we can learn language of the soul, then we can understand our locked away pain which causes us to sabotage our diets, but now only our diets our personal, business, relationships and our spiritual awareness. All these elements of being a human being are intertwined together.


My program you see here is your answer. It is an audio program based on "The Valeo Method™" it will work for you, guaranteed. Just try the program for 60 days and if you are not totally happy you will receive a complete refund no questions asked.


So take action now! The real you is waiting to make a debut and "The Valeo Method™ Weight Loss Solution" is your answer!!!