The Self-Help industry is in a rut…is this why?

Self-help industry is in a rut. Why? Because so much of it is the same stuff rehashed over and over to make you feel good for a little while but offers few long term solutions. There is an army of counseling psychologist, self help gurus, and preachers and teachers who are eager to tell you how to live. There are so many life coaches they are literally popping up on every street corner. It is not easy to face what it really takes to make and maintain positive long term change. It takes some work, a proven system, and you can’t pass the responsibility off on someone else, you have to do the work.
It is no wonder so many people are confused. Let’s look at the field of psychology. The word “psyche” is defined as: spirit, soul, breathe and principal of life. If we add to “ology” to the end of the word it becomes psychology and it should mean quite succinctly: “the study of the spirit and knowledge of the soul,” right?
Here is the challenge it has never been that. Let’s go to the dictionary and see what it says. Let’s look at the definition of the word psychology. It is defined as: the study and behavior of the mind! I find this amazing. Modern psychology has never been what it is meant to be! Which should be study of the spirit and knowledge of the soul, right? Doesn’t that just make sense?
This is just one blaring example and key reason so many people are confused, the whole meaning of psychology is confused! I teach folks how to understand and bridge that gap. I teach people how to understand the language of their soul, which is what psychology was really meant to be in the first place. I teach a concept called Spiritual Psychology. Not in the religious sense but related to understanding how to communicate with your soul.
Cognitive therapy in its most basic form is really just a person telling a story to someone else and they are listening to the story. I teach people how to be their own therapist in a sense because I teach them how to listen to, and recognize their story, then change it to get the results they want just like a therapist should.
The secret of proper care and nurturing of our soul is tied to our ability to give and receive love. We experience love by seeking the highest good (dream of the soul) for ourselves and others that we love. This is how we nurture our spiritual selves and our souls. These experiential moments are when we feel the most alive and complete.
Conventional wisdom tells us that we get satisfaction, success, fulfillment and prosperity by what we receive and acquire. If we look at true joy and fulfillment through spiritual discernment we know that true joy and prosperity consciousness comes from what we give. That does not mean that we should not set goals for prosperity in all areas of life. In fact, please get this; true prosperity in the most fulfilling form comes from the overflow from the value that we create in life. I could come in money, self-respect, self-esteem, or recognition.
There is a paradox in this whole scenario, we feel better about ourselves when we give but in order to freely give we have to freely receive. What our logical mind says will make us happy often doesn’t, and what we may think won’t make us happy often does. Human wisdom and spiritual discernment are often at odds.
John H. Sanford, a major general in the US Army quoted in the book The Leadership Challenge, when asked how to develop leaders he said, “When anyone asks me that question, I tell them I have the secret to success in life. The secret to success is to stay in love. Staying in love gives you the fire to ignite people, to see inside other people, to have a greater desire to get things done that other people. A person who is not is love doesn’t really feel the kind of excitement that helps them to get ahead and to lead others to achieve. I don’t know any other fire, any other thing in life that is more exhilarating and is more positive a feeling than love is.”
Sanford realized a profound principle, in order to lead people he had to maintain a passion and love for them. This is where most people miss it!

So psychology as we are conditioned to see it is a science, benumbed of spirit but accepted as rational in its approach is woefully lacking in many areas of its purposed and true reality even at this modern date. Poets in many ways have done a better job than science at discerning and illustrating the true polarities of man and disharmony and harmony of opposites within the human soul.
Only when we recognize our own dominate traits as a tool for reckoning our way through life, can we learn to respect and embrace their purpose. Only then can we truly take the helm in our individual lives and get the message life is sending us. It is time to start paddling the boat toward our God-given, God-gifted purpose and talents and stop allowing ourselves to crash on the rocks of mediocrity like a hopeless boat without any oars.


  1. Daniel Forbes

    People need to be loved today.
    I agree that we need to nurture our soul today
    and feed it with positive thinking.

  2. Very interesting entry, I look forward to the next!

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