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Inspirational speaker The highly anticipated wait is over, it is here! Dr. Benny Morris’s new book based on his breakthrough system he uses in his coaching sessions and seminars is now available in a 480 page book. Take the guess work out of your future and take charge of your life now. Reserve your copy today and save over 30%, shipping will be in early August. Read what other famous authors and readers are saying here…… The Valeo Method A unique and proven 21st century approach for helping people overcome their struggles with self esteem, limiting beliefs, stress, weight challenges, toxic relationships and spiritual emptiness to name a few. Valeo is a Latin word and it means to be strong, have influence and to prevail. The power of the Valeo Method lies in its promise to reveal the dream of the soul… allowing one to live a life of purpose, meaning and authenticity. If you want to Live Victoriously then – The Valeo Method is your answer. The five step process designed to teach individuals how to achieve lasting change. It is a simple and through strategy that creates a synergistic effect and lasting results. It addresses life’s challenges and roadblocks to wholeness. "Valeo" is a Latin word that means to have Power, Influence and to Prevail. This word was chosen because of how well it describes the results that are gained by applying the Valeo Method™ to our lives. “"Power"” in the Valeo Method™ represents having the strength and the ability to overcome weakness. It is not meant to represent power over others but power over ourselves to control and direct our thoughts. It means being able to create the personal power to get ourselves to do whatever it takes, to put ourselves on the line everyday to create our lives the way we dream of them. Influence represents being able to influence others with our walk. It means setting an example by walking our talk instead of stumbling our mumble. It means living a life that has the goodness and intention which attracts God’s blessings and favor. If we live our lives in a way that positively influences others we set ourselves up to receive good in return. The universal law of attraction demonstrates that what we put out comes back. When do good things we create a vacuum in our lives and through God’s grand design the universe seeks to fill us up with even greater things. Prevailmeans to overcome, to be victorious over challenges, limiting beliefs, childhood wounding, and lingering unresolved pain from past negative experiences. It means having the ability to conquer any obstacle that is keeping us from being and living our purpose and the “Dream of the Soul.” It means freeing ourselves from the shackles of self once and for all and living life as a victor and not a victim. In reality we are all living a dream, it is either the "Dream of our Soul" or the dream of our individual egoic minds and the latter can be a nightmare. Whatever is happening in our lives, no matter how hard it may be to accept is there for a reason. Every event whether they seem significant or not play a role in where we are now and where we are going in our lives. Students of the Valeo Method lern how to reach a high level of acceptance in their lives, and by doing so opens of the flow of good into their lives. The Valeo Method™ is based on five steps that teach us to recognize and respond to the clues life is sending every day. We learn to "believe and receive" the peace, provision and prosperity that is seeking to manifest is our life experiences. Sound to simple? That is one of the biggest challenges we have today, we let life get to complicated and confusing and as result we miss the "messages" our life messengers are sending us.  Click here for Video

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